We, the folk at Chew Folk, make chewing gum. But not just any chewing gum. Our core mission is to contribute to the reduction of disposable
plastic chewing gum, and its impact on our planet.



Chew Folk Flavors


Our Peppermint gum will give that refreshing and delicious Peppermint flavor one has come to expect. It is the essential gum to carry with you for all occasions.

Strawberry & Elderflower

Get into the summer mood with a burst of strawberry sweetness mixed with an intriguing hint of elderflower; it is happiness for your taste buds.

Lemon & Ginger

Fresh tangy lemon combined with zesty ginger is a delicious combination making it a favorite for many folks.

If you are chewing gum, odds are you are chewing plastic.

Did you know that regular gum contain synthetic plastics usually found in plastic bags, bottles and car tires? Do you want to chew plastic with some added artificial flavor and sweeteners? Neither do we!

It all started in our very own kitchens, where we experimented tirelessly to create a range of gum with explosive taste sensations, whilst not compromising that fresh breath feeling. We are proud to offer to the market a completely biodegradable gum, in other words: a gum that’s kind to your tum. What’s more, even the packaging is compostable!

We strive to drive sustainable change in the food industry and to con- tribute to the well-being of our planet as well as our bodies.

We at Chew Folk truly hope, and believe, that one-day plastic chewing gum will be a distant memory.

Plastic Problem

What is gumbase, really?

If you look at the ingredient list on regular gum you will find the word "gumbase".  Gumbase is the part of the gum that gives a chewy texture and is later discarded.  This word hides synthetic plastic and other chemicals they would rather not speak of. 

Synthetic plastics are not biodegradable

It can take hundreds of years for regular gum to break down, as synthetic plastics are not biodegradable.

Litter in our streets

Around 80-90% of chewing gum is not disposed of properly and is the second most common form of litter after cigarette butts. Globally we litter around 100,000 tons of gum on a yearly basis. That is a lot of plastic on our streets, in nature, and in our water supply.

Natural gumbase

Chew Folk gum base is derived from the sap of the sapodilla tree from Central America.  This is “chicle” and is harvested sustainably as the process does not require trees to be cut.  Instead, a machete is used to make incisions in the tree causing the sap to slide down into bowls strategically placed by the tree base.

We want to go back to how we used to chew gum before plastics became a cheaper option for the large gum companies.  

Our gum is biodegradable

Chew Folk gum is fully biodegradable, taking usually 6-12 weeks to break down. 


Why Chew Folk

Obviously, our gum is Vegan

Plastic free gumbase from the Sapodilla tree in Central America

Caringly produced in our own chewing gum factory in Stockholm, Sweden

Artificial sweeteners? No thanks. Our gum consist only of natural flavors & sweeteners

All our gums and pouches are fully biodegradable

Join our journey in eliminating all plastics from our foods and grocery stores. 

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